About Work Life Spaces

Fortunately, now a days there is more demand for ‘healthy’ Work Life Spaces in an office and there is attention for light, green and a good air quality in which the person feels pleasant. We call that people-oriented building. Work Life Spaces creates and realizes for every user the unique work- and living space that fits best with the company and its people.

Design and Build

Work Life Spaces is the design and build party with a sustainable character. Upon initial recognition we look at what, in discussion with the client, can be re-used for the new office. Work Life Spaces recognizes that sustainability does not undermine ease, comfort, aesthetics or investments, but in contrary, contributes to these elements. 

Nice work- and living space

If you walk through a forest, if you do it for fun or with reluctance, it does something to you. You start to feel more joyful. You are unconsciously being touched, you feel connected. With interior it is exactly like that. If we choose the wrong unnatural materials, we eliminate the ‘soul’ of it. With this interior it will immediately feel more comfortable. Of a beautiful, wooden table that has been polished, the authenticity lasts. As that table grows with age, it only grows in beauty. It gets that beautiful weathered rustic look. You should modify the base material as little as possible. If you use natural, preferably raw, materials, the office interior will create that feeling of a pleasant Work Life Space. Of course, green also belongs in such interior. Everything that breathes, grows and blossoms benefits us.